How (Not) to Do Hunger

We’re all for positivity, but let’s be honest. The best teaching moments usually arise when something goes horribly wrong. And when it comes to hunger -- the sort we’re talking about this month -- it would be too easy and not nearly as full of delicious schadenfreude to talk about the success stories. So instead, we’re going to look at a few perfectly crafted tales of disaster that demonstrate some common hunger mistakes. (Spoiler alert.)


Quint from Jaws Knows what he wants and, society be damned, goes after it with passion. But he gets eaten by a shark in the process. Blood and gore definitely not an ideal side effect.

Benjamin Braddock from The Graduate Miserable because he doesn’t know what he wants. Then he gets what he’s sure he wants -- the girl -- but has no clue what to do next. Fade to black.

Redmond Barry from Barry Lyndon Wants power, love, sex, respect, and more power. And he manages to get all of that through multiple campaigns of deception, but then the house of cards falls apart. Exile from England follows.

Dr. Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Allows her desire for adventure and eternal greatness to become an obsession. This is unfortunate, clearly, because it drives her to become a Nazi. Also falls into a deep, dark crevasse while going after the Holy Grail. Dies, obviously.

This sampling of characters from popular culture proves that translating your inner hunger into something useful can be hard -- and painful, and often embarrassing. Ahh, the beauty of learning from the misfortune of others. The lesson here? Chasing after an unbridled hankering for everything all at once will leave you stuffed, but with nothing much to show for it. To truly satisfy your hunger, you have to go after the right thing at the right time. And that takes some restraint.