Miss Competence and Miss Controversy.

The one thing that the whole Miss California dust-up has taught us is that controversy is powerful... sometimes more powerful than competence. Her divisive statements forced people to take sides. It made those passionate about the issue speak up and join in the conversation.

Miss (long-forgotten) North Carolina was the most competent of the contestants. She left with the crown. But Miss California will be leaving with more speaking engagements and endorsement deals – for better or worse.

Being competent is rarely enough.

Establishing a gifting program.

Ever since Denny’s free breakfast give away, it seems like restaurant chains like McDonald's and KFC are falling all over themselves to give out freebies. Let’s be honest. All these freebies are just glorified sampling. And samples are free. So I shouldn’t have a problem with them. But I kind of do.

Sampling is a negotiation. The proposition: you give me your time and consideration and I’ll give you a treat. All I expect in return is that you spend your money with me. Please? (You kind of owe me.)

Is tacitly guilting a person into doing business with you a sustainable model?

Words worth repeating #1: Zac Efron

"I don't have a Twitter, a Facebook or anything like that. I kind of value people not  knowing where I am or what I'm doing." - Zac Efron Marketers sometimes forget that trends aren’t unidirectional. It’s a lot like Newton’s law. When the public runs off in one direction there is usually an equal and opposite movement simultaneously taking place.

As Twitter and Facebook continue to get a lot of ink, keep your eyes open for a growing movement toward privacy and anonymity. Being un-famous, un-trackable, and un-reachable may become the most desirable thing in the world.