Words Worth Repeating #4: Josef Albers

“If one says ‘Red’ - the name of the color - and there are fifty people listening, it can be expected that there will be fifty reds in their minds.  And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different.” - Josef Albers, German-born American artist This is not a post about diversity, multiculturalism, or any other such words that some of us are sick of hearing.  It’s about instincts.  Sometimes a good idea only becomes good after being knocked around a little.  For me, at least, Josef Albers’ work on the interaction of color from the 1960s conjures up the notion that nothing -- a color, an idea, or otherwise -- exists in isolation.  It’s all about how we bump up against one another and react to what happens next.  Instincts are a good thing, but sometimes they need a little help before they crystalize.  After all, what good is the idea of red if we don’t have other hues as points of comparison?