Words Worth Repeating #7: Charlie Sheen (yes, Charlie Sheen)

"I don't pay them for sex. I pay them to leave." – Charlie Sheen When asked by a judge why a man of Sheen's stature would need to pay for sex, this was his reply.

While repugnant, it's fascinating. In two short sentences, Sheen lays out what behavioral science identifies as the two basic motivations driving all human behavior: adding pleasure (in this case, sex) and removing pain (in this case, leaving). Too many brands think their role is to do one or the other. When in reality, they need to do both. But at different times. The key is knowing when.

Or, if you want to strip away the science, maybe the lesson from this quote is that brands need to understand that sometimes what customers want most is for them to go away. Even their favorite brands. At least once in a while.