I was having a conversation with a CEO and I asked him if he would ever let research override his intuition. He said he would, I asked him if he believed in genius – or if he believed in love. I asked him to describe his daughter’s smile or the way he felt on September 11th. I asked if he could comprehend how Beethoven could have composed his ninth symphony even though he was profoundly deaf at the time. He looked at me blankly. He told me that life wasn’t just artistry and poetry. He said that business required more than belief. He said that selling to people had become a repeatable formula. “That all sounds rather tedious,” I said. “It’s business,” he replied. “It’s making money. It’s commerce.” I asked him if he found value in promoting things he didn’t believe in.

That part above? It’s our actual name. We shortened it to The PARAGRAPH Project because we are fond of concise expression. We are a market research firm that also provides strategy and planning services to agencies and clients across the country. We work collaboratively with our clients in real time to bring creativity to the strategies we provide. After all, what good is data, research and analysis if it isn’t brought into the world in a compelling way? Our approach has helped develop breakthrough strategies and creative ideas for some of the world’s most progressive companies, including Best Buy, Target, Red Hat, Nortel, Google, ESPN, Macy’s, Miller Brewing, Starbucks, The Professional Bowlers Association, American Airlines, and Hormel, among others. 


If we continue asking the same questions in the same ways, what can we expect? More of the same old results. We think the best strategies are born out of creative, considered approaches. This way of working allows us to pinpoint the single most timely and contextually interesting nut that needs to be cracked, and it greases the gears that allow us to orchestrate inspired research, penetrating analysis, and actionable strategic paths forward. New questions lead us to new insights, which give us the ammunition to influence brand innovation for our clients.


Many research companies provide data on what happened in the past. But historical information alone can only take you so far. We excel in analyzing and interpreting data in a way that provides actionable insights for how a brand should move forward.


Our multi-disciplinary team has experience working in ad agencies, design firms, digital shops as well as market research houses. PARAGRAPH not only conducts consumer and brand research, but we are also hired to help establish, optimize and strengthen the positioning of brands across dozens of categories.


What good is data if it isn’t brought into the world in a compelling way? We believe creativity is the missing link between useful information and actionable inspiration. For that reason, we don't rely on PowerPoint decks to tell brand stories. We create outputs that feel more interesting dynamic than static research decks.


We don't believe in rigid, trademarked research processes. We do not believe there to be a silver bullet in market research. Every project is tailored to the unique needs and situation of the client, giving them the most relevant and constructive information possible. There are many tactics in our bag of tricks and we find that a well-rounded point of view resulting from a blended research approach is always worth the effort.