Smarts and speed without the overhead

We are, at times, a strange brew. But this is what works for us — and inevitably, it works for our clients. The types of people who work at PARAGRAPH are researchers, analysts, strategists, anthropologists, and artists. Herein lies our value. We are able to look at problems from many different perspectives and apply this diverse point of view to solutions for our clients. PARAGRAPH is a different kind of research firm. While we excel at one-off, custom research projects, we also engage with clients on a monthly subscription model. In this regard, we operate like an outsourced research department. Always on call and ready to help out with research design, execution and analysis. When you partner with PARAGRAPH, you not only get access to our diverse team of specialists, you also get access to all our research subscriptions, databases, and tools that have previously only been accessible to large brands with giant research budgets.

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